About the Sorin Society

For more than 35 years, the Sorin Society has made a difference for Notre Dame.

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What is the Sorin Society and who can join?

The Edward Frederick Sorin Society is a group of alumni, parents, and friends who provide Notre Dame with annual contributions to:

Why does the Sorin Society exist?

The Sorin Society continues to fulfill Father Sorin’s bold vision that a humble log chapel would grow into a powerful force for good. A Notre Dame education is a magnificent gift of knowledge, faith, and spirit our graduates take forward with them—to share with their families, their communities, and the world.

How do I become a member?

Join the Sorin Society by making a gift of $1,500 or more, and you will qualify for experience levels based on the following tiers of giving:

  • Sorin: $1,500 or more
  • Sorin Blue: $5,000 or more
  • Sorin Gold: $10,000 or more
  • Corby Young Alumni of the Sorin Society: $500 or more *(those who have an undergraduate degree from the most recent decade are eligible).

What do members experience?

All Sorin Society members including Corby Young Alumni receive

  • “Special contributor status” in the Notre Dame Football Ticket Lottery. (1)
  • Invitations to special Sorin Society on-campus and regional events.
  • Access to the exclusive Sorin Society Members’ web community through myNotreDame.nd.edu, which includes up-to-the-minute information and online communications.
  • A monthly newsletter from the Sorin Society team
  • A personalized membership card entitling you to discounts at select on-campus venues.

Sorin Society Blue members enjoy

  • Exclusive events on football weekends, including access to the Blue/Gold Lounge, Sorin Breakfast, post-game Mass, and dinner after the game.
  • One “Back the Irish” seat back engraving in the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center. This seat back engraving is provided to NEW Sorin Blue members or members at this level for the past five years.
  • “Special contributor status” in the Notre Dame Football Ticket Lottery. (1)
  • A Blue & Gold Concierge Hotline for assistance with campus information needs.
  • Priority registration for home football game events.
  • Parking assistance for home football games (1).

Sorin Gold members enjoy all of the above, plus

  • Signature events at the annual Shamrock Series game.
  • Two “Back the Irish” seat back engravings in the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center. These seat back engravings are provided to NEW Sorin Gold members or members at this level for the past five years, with a framed photo of the engravings after installation.
  • Special seating for select non-athletic campus performances.
  • A new member welcome gift.
  • Invitations to exclusive Sorin Gold member events.
  • Additional assistance with tickets and parking for home football games (1).

(1) As outlined in the University’s Football Ticket Policy. In order to receive ticket and parking pass benefits, memberships must be fully underwritten no later than December 31st of the year prior to the football season.

Every gift matters. Join the Sorin Society today.

What is the impact of membership?

Read about the impact Sorin Society members have on Notre Dame:

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Questions? Please contact:

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€This college will be one of the most powerful means for doing good in this country.€ Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C.


Founder€s Day (October 13): In Celebration of Father Sorin