Notre Dame Locker Room Fund

Notre Dame Locker Room Fund

Guglielmino Locker Room

Conceived as a method to help fund the construction of the Guglielmino Athletics Complex, the Notre Dame Locker Room Fund has quickly grown into a popular program for honoring former student-athletes, coaches, and managers, while also ensuring topnotch facilities for today’s student-athletes.

With a gift of $25,000, a benefactor can leave a permanent mark with Fighting Irish Athletics by naming a locker. Only names of former student-athletes, coaches, or senior student managers may be engraved onto a plaque that is then affixed to a current player’s locker.

Since 2004, more than $2 million has been donated through the Locker Room Fund. While the football program was the first beneficiary, the program has been expanded to include other Irish sports as their respective facilities have been renovated or built anew. Benefactors may now name lockers for the following programs:

  • Football. From a locker room of 127 lockers, only 25 remain for naming. Don’t miss the opportunity to leave a visual legacy there.
  • Softball. The Melissa Cook Softball Stadium opened in 2008.
  • Golf. The program has benefited from the 2005 opening of the Rolfs All Season Varsity Golf Facility at the Warren Golf Course.
  • Lacrosse. Arlotta Family Lacrosse Stadium for men’s and women’s lacrosse was completed in fall 2009.
  • Soccer. Also with fall 2009, Alumni Stadium, for both the men’s and women’s programs, was opened for Soccer.
  • Baseball. With the renovation and naming of the Pat Murphy Clubhouse, the Locker Room Fund was extended to baseball alumni.
  • Hockey. The Compton Family Ice Arena opened in November of 2011 and with it came the Locker Room Fund for hockey alumni.

As new stadia are built, or existing facilities renovated, the Notre Dame Locker Room Fund will be adapted to include those wishing to support Irish basketball, rowing, tennis, track, and volleyball. Please note that, for most sports, the number of available lockers is limited.

For additional information, or to make a gift, please contact:

Bill Reagan
Assistant Director, Athletics Advancement
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5678
(574) 631-8676
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