Areas of Greatest Need

Like any great institution, Notre Dame must be able to respond to urgent and unexpected needs and emerging opportunities.



Gifts earmarked for the "Areas of Greatest Need" provide University leaders with critical financial flexibility for each academic year.

  • Earnings from the Notre Dame Endowment cover only about 20% of annual operating expenses. We depend on unrestricted gifts from the Notre Dame Fund to pick up where the endowment leaves off.
  • Sometimes the most critical needs are also the most basic: when salt prices spiked over the past two years, Notre Dame Fund dollars helped to cover the shortfall, keeping the sidewalks safe and clear.
  • In recent years, unrestricted monies allowed the University to swiftly and dramatically improve library holdings in sacred music; as a result, Notre Dame was able to recruit two of the world’s most renowned scholars of sacred music and liturgy.
  • The Notre Dame Fund is a key player in the University’s ongoing dorm renewal project, helping to purchase new windows, doors, bathrooms, and lighting in the residence halls, many of which have been virtually untouched for 20 years.

Make Notre Dame possible. Support the areas of greatest need.

Annual Giving

The University needs a certain amount of financial flexibility in order to operate on a daily basis, to achieve all of our goals, to create the Notre Dame experience. Dan Skendzel (’91, ’98 MBA)