Educating minds and hearts, with the help of world-class professors and scholars and access to research of global significance.



As an undergraduate at Notre Dame, freshmen transition into academic life by participating in the First Year of Studies. They can then explore academic opportunities in the varied majors, minors, and programs offered by Arts and Letters, Business, Science, Engineering, and Architecture.

Our students have access to professors who are leadings scholars in their field and expanding undergraduate research opportunities. You can help the tradition continue by supporting academic excellence.

  • Undergraduates choose from 62 bachelor's degree programs & 44 international study programs.
  • Via a live, high-def connection, Notre Dame Students can practice their foreign-language skills by conversing directly with counterparts in 20 countries around the world.
  • First-year students break bread with faculty during Discernment Dinners, in which professors help to begin the complex conversation about choosing a major and considering a vocation.
  • Notre Dame's graduation rate of 95% is exceeded only by Harvard's and Princeton's.
  • Notre Dame Graduates are accepted into medical schools at a rate of about 80%, almost twice the national average.

You can give the gift of a lifetime – a Notre Dame education.