Law School Annual Fund

Paying for a legal education might not be easy, but your invaluable support of the Notre Dame Law School allows our law students to focus on their legal studies a little more, and worry about paying for their education a little less.

What is the Law School Annual Fund?

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The Law School Annual Fund is a key source of support for the Notre Dame Law School. Gifts to the Law School Annual Fund:

  • Provide student fellowships.
  • Build the loan repayment assistance fund.
  • Expand the Kresge Law Library.

Why give to the Law School Annual Fund?

There are so many reasons to give to the Law School Annual Fund. Here are just a few:

  • You love Notre Dame.
  • You want NDLS to remain among the top law schools in the nation.
  • You think changing the life of a student is a pretty good return on investment.
  • You think law grads should be able to choose careers in public-interest law without having to worry about how they will pay off their law school debt.
  • You want to give back to NDLS, because NDLS has given so much to you.
  • You’re celebrating a reunion this year, and you want to participate in the Reunion Giving Challenge.
  • You want to be eligible for the football ticket lottery (a gift of $1,500 or more will increase your odds in the football ticket lottery AND qualify you for membership in the Order of St. Thomas More.)

So the real question is, why not give to the Law School Annual Fund?

Every gift matters. Make yours today.
Please indicate that you wish to direct your gift to the Law School in the “comments” section of the online gift form.

Celebrating a reunion in 2017?

If you want to support your class’s reunion giving efforts, be sure to make your gift between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017.

Graduating ND Law Students begin a legacy

After three years, graduates leave Notre Dame Law School with memories and an education to last a lifetime. The 3L Class gift Campaign is a way for students to say “thank you” to the Notre Dame Law School.

Supporting a New Generation of Lawyers

Enhancing our Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Alumni giving is a major factor in the loan repayment assistance program (LRAP). “Thanks to their generosity, the Law School was able to substantially enhance LRAP three years ago,” says Bob Jones, Clinical Professor of Law And LRAP administrator. “Since that time, the total awarded annually has more than doubled to $70,000 (the maximum allowed per qualifying student is $12,000), and the number of participants in the program has increased considerably. Our hope is to continue to grow the program so that it will become one of the best in the country.”

Public Service Initiative

In today’s difficult job market, not all law students are finding immediate employment upon graduation. Through the Public Service Initiative established in 2008, Notre Dame is able to extend modest stipends to recent graduates who are still seeking employment. Michael Hom, NDLS ’04, of the Career Services office works with other Law School alumni to find temporary positions with government, nonprofit, and other public interest groups. This special program, supported by your donations to the Law School Annual Fund and the Order of St. Thomas More, provides an invaluable springboard for the next generation of Notre Dame lawyers.

Questions? Please contact:

Ian Secviar '10
Associate Director, Law Annual Giving
1100 Grace Hall
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

NDLS by the Numbers

  • Founded in 1869, the Notre Dame Law School is the oldest Roman Catholic law school in the nation.
  • The Kresge Law Library is home to more than 640,000 volumes.

Annual Giving

“We aspire to be a premier law school, as well as an integral part of a great university which claims the Catholic tradition as part of its intellectual heritage.” From the Mission Statement of Notre Dame Law School

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