Your Investment In Notre Dame Students Has An Exponential Effect On The Future Of Our Communities, Our Country, And The World

175 years ago, Father Sorin and 7 Holy Cross Brothers left France on a journey that eventually led them to found the University of Notre Dame. Their vision was for the University to become a force for good in the world.  Recently, 8,000 of our fellow students have arrived to Notre Dame for the start of the new academic year. These journeys, and the excitement that accompany them, would not be possible without your annual gift to the University, and we hope you will consider renewing that support again this year.

Corey’s Journey

As a football recruit, many assume it was my dream to play for the Fighting Irish. But growing up playing football in Texas, my exposure to Notre Dame was actually pretty limited.  When I was recruited, I turned to the only resource I knew, which was to watch Rudy.

For nearly four years, I have learned and lived with highly motivated young men and women who legitimately want to change the world.  As a Program of Liberal Studies major, I’ve expanded my knowledge of science, literature, opera, poetry, and theology. This culture has been fundamental in my development as a young man, and has taught me how to think for myself and engage in discussion with others.

While I will never forget the feeling of wearing that jersey and running out of that tunnel, I knew there was more to all of this. I felt the challenge to create value and serve my community, which led to my run for president of the student body. My journey, while distinct, is not uncommon. Notre Dame is a place that offers countless opportunities to students and pushes them to be the best version of themselves.

Becca’s Journey

I was living with my grandparents for a summer in high school, and our nightly ritual of dinner, poker, and a movie led to a certain classic - Rudy. Once I visited campus the following fall, my mind was made up. I was recovering from a year's treatment for a rare genetic blood disorder at the time, and from then on I worked to get better and achieve my goal of attending Notre Dame.

Every day, Notre Dame and the people here astound me and exceed my expectations. I've been given incredible opportunities to engage with Appalachia Seminar, Be The Match, independent research abroad through the Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement and of course, Student Government. I write this today from rural China, where I’m finishing two months of teaching English and improving administrative functions in primary schools. My journey here may appear halfway through, but in reality, it’s just beginning.

As we begin this academic year to continue on our respective journeys, we pause to thank you for your love of Notre Dame and your active involvement to share that love with others through your support. Your investment in Notre Dame students has an exponential effect on the future of our communities, our country, and the world. Please consider a gift today, and on behalf of our peers, thank you for your past support.

Yours in Our Lady,
Corey Robinson ’17 & Becca Blais ’18
Student Body President & Vice President